Steve Geis, PhD MD

Dr. Geis is currently a principal at Geis-Hides Consulting, a firm that provides scientific, medical, and managerial solutions to partners across a spectrum of therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Dr. Geis previously served as VP for the Arthritis Therapeutic Area at Searle/Monsanto and was responsible for the clinical development of Celebrex® (the first FDA-approved selective COX-2 inhibitor) which generated approximately $2 billion in revenue during the first year of commercialization.

Dr. Geis also served as Global VP for Arthritis, Cardiovascular, and Oncology at Pharmacia where he directed the development of the antihypertensive, eplerenone (Inspra®), a specific-aldosterone receptor antagonist. He established a global oncology clinical team and was leader of a global multidisciplinary team that created and implemented development strategies for analgesics and arthritis medications.

Overall, Dr. Geis has secured market approval for 7 novel compounds. Dr Geis earned his PhD in Physiology from Loyola University and his MD from St. Louis University.