What is heparin?

2007-2008 Heparin Supply Contamination

60-70% of Supply Sourced from China



From Livestock to Labs

Optimivia’s innovative technology allows heparin to be produced in sterile labs instead of filthy slaughter houses.

Has something like this ever been accomplished before?

Not only has a globally critical medication previously produced from livestock byproducts been replaced by the same drug built in a lab, but chances are it’s a drug you are well aware of: Insulin.

Also a globally critical medication, insulin was first produced from cow and pig pancrease. However, since Genentech’s invention in the 1980s of synthetic insulin production using recombinant DNA technology, nearly 100% of all insulin sold worldwide has been synthetic. We no longer make insulin using livestock byproducts.

Why should heparin be different?

The story of synthetic insulin is nearly identical to our story of synthetic heparin.

Historical Analogy –Insulin Precedent

Optimvia envisions a repeat of the Insulin evolution for Heparin